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Contact Lenses

Wanting to ditch the glasses?

Does dancing the night away free of glasses sound appealing?

Is working out in the gym with specs a pain?

At Carlton & Stanley we have a solution to these problems.

Current advances in the technology of contact lenses means that whatever your prescription there is almost certainly a contact lens for you.

For more information about choosing contact lens for you contact the practice or book an appointment.

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Contact Lenses Brands

Carlton & Stanley’s Lens Scheme

Our contact lenses are available to purchase on “Pay As You Go”, meaning pay for them when you need them. Or you could save a lot more when signing on to one of our Contact Lens Schemes;

Benefits of Direct Debit Payment:

  1. Free Contact Lens Fitting
  2. Free Contact Lens Aftercare
  3. Free replacement contact lenses ( 2 pairs a year – Monthly contact lenses or 5 pairs a year – Daily contact lenses).
  4. Half price Glasses.
  5. Half price Sight Tests (once every year or 2 years, recall dependant).

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